Industrial Blast Cabinets

Industrial Blast Cabinets built for Production, Versatility , Ease of Operation and Low Maintenance.

Industrial Blast Cabinets Series are the most feature rich Blasting Cabinets in the line up. Cabinets are offered in Single and Dual Work Station along with the Cube Blast cabinet for processing large parts. Cube models are offered in Standard and Special model options. Various Voltage options are available. All Industrial Series Cabinets are equipped with the Electronic Door Safety Lockout System and Ergonomic Foot Valve: For instant Changing from right to left foot On/Off Air Logic Controls. All models are available in Suction or Pressure Abrasive delivery systems. Set in turn tables, loading tracks with cart mounted turntables are available for efficiency improvements in component loading and blasting.

Industrial Series blast cabinets will deliver many years of low maintenance productivity . Our media valve and pistol grip blasting gun will provide a steady stream of media flow , reclaimer and dust collector systems will provide superior cabinet visibility , superior media management and dust control by means of reclaimer separators and dust collector systems. Efficient blast cleaning is delivered while maintaining a clean surrounding work area. Production rates are determined by nozzle size, compressor output , working pressure, type and size of media, angle and distance of the nozzle from the blast surface. The Industrial Series blast cabinet incorporate a 3 component system

1. Blast Cabinet


3. Dust Collector

Single Work Station Suction Blast Cabinets

Single Work Station Pressure
Blast Cabinets

Double Work Station
Suction Blast Cabinets

Double Work Station Pressure Blast Cabinets

Cube Suction Blast Cabinets

Cube Pressure Blast Cabinets

Suction or Pressure Abrasive Blasting Cabinets ?

SUCTION BLAST CABINET Suitable for Most applications.
The Suction Blast System uses the venture principal, incorporating an air jet one half the inside diameter of the nozzle. This creates a negative pressure that sucks the media into the gun body from the hopper. A Suction Blast System can operate continuously without shutdowns to refill media and can be easily automated with multiple gun bodies. Siphon Blast: A term used to describe the type of abrasive delivery system used on an abrasive blasting cabinet. A siphon machine uses an injection gun to create suction on the abrasive supply hose. The abrasive hose then conveys the abrasive, using suction or siphon, to the gun where the compressed air hose is used to accelerate the abrasive. All siphon type machines include two hoses on the abrasive blast gun assembly. Siphon machines are the most common type of blast machine. All siphon gun assemblies include an air jet used to create the siphoning effect and also establish the amount of compressed air required to operate the machine

Pressure Blast Cabinet: Typically used in High Production. Large volume output applications.

Because pressure cabinets deliver blast media at higher velocities than suction systems, the pressure cabinet is ideal for turning out work fast. In many applications, these pressure cabinets will perform jobs four-times faster than suction systems. In addition, they use compressed air more efficiently and provide more precise blasting control at high and low operating pressures. For really demanding tasks, like removing tight mill scale or finishing hard-to-reach surfaces, a pressure system is normally the only practical choice. Direct Pressure: Direct Pressure Blast machines use a pressure vessel to pneumatically push the blast media through a single abrasive hose and out the blast nozzle. Direct Pressure machine are capable of operation with heavy abrasive, steel shot or steel grit capable pressure machines are found under steel shot peen models, in addition to most other abrasive blast types and sizes.

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