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Union Pacific Railroad Largest Locomotive Rebuild Shop in the World

This 6048 Suction Blast Cabinet System was shipped to the Union Pacific Railroad Jenks facility . Danny Bauer required a large capacity system , safe loading of heavy parts and automated dust control. the solution : AMS Blast Cabinets offered the 6048 Abrasive blasting system, the M-2 twin cartridge with 700 CFM Reclaimer System provides dust and media separation with Automatic Dust control and maintenance. The drop down track with turntable enables easy loading of heavy parts.


As an update: The bead blaster we ordered from you is delivered, installed, and has been running for about 2 weeks now without major issues. I attached some pictures below, please tell your colleagues and team a big “Thank You” for taking a part in making our shop a safer, higher quality, and more productive workplace.

Thank you also to Pat M, Brunwynn C, Steve Harness, Mike M., Ricky F., and Jason Martin for your help in making this project a success.

Danny Bauer

Jenks Quality Assurance and Components Manager

Union Pacific Railroad | Mechanical Department

M-4 Automated 4 Cartridge Dust Collector

1 CU FT Pressure Pot with 900 CFM Reclaimer

1 CU FT Pressure Pot with 900 CFM Reclaimer

International Paper Prattville Alabama

Timothy Grace installed this 6060 Suction Blasting System in a very busy maintenance department.
Productivity safety and a clean work area with low maintenance dust control. All criterion was met with this great abrasive Blasting System. Aggressive blasting with Aluminum Oxide media. The wear kit option was installed in the reclaimer and inside cabinet.

Central Power Systems & Services installs the 6060P Pressure Blast System
The above 60×60 Pressure Blast system is installed at Central Power Systems & Services 9200 Liberty Drive Liberty, Missouri . Mike Wettstien Branch Manager Administration spear headed this project. Mike required a large capacity high output system with easy loading, safe handling of large parts, low noise output and automated dust control. The solution : AMS offered the 6060P 60×60 Pressure Pot Blaster with the drop down turntable loading track system, the M4 4 cartridge dust cabinet, 900 CFM Reclaimer and the sound muffler .

NSRW Installed the 6048 Suction Blast Cabinet with Cam Down Track & Turntable
“In today’s marketplace, it is difficult to find a supplier that desires to put the customer first in every stage of the supply process. However, my experience purchasing our Glass Bead Cabinet from John Zanetti was that rare exception. After we had decided on one cabinet, John went out of his way to direct us to a cheaper cabinet that would still be sufficient for the needs of our business. Additionally, he made sure that it was shipped to us in the cheapest manner possible. Therefore, we at NSRW recommend John Zanetti and AMS Glass Cabinets for your Glass Cabinet needs.”

Joanne Dinsmore

Southern manufacturing Enterprise Installed the PB4824-700 DC System. We took a basic PB4824 and up graded the recliamer to the 700 CFM unit and added the DC-10 Dust Collector for a less manual cleaner approach to dust control.

Hey John,

We started our first job yesterday… cycle time has been reduced from 8 minutes per part to about 1-1/2 minutes!

Thanks for your help!

John deBettencourt


John, I finally got around to taking some pictures of our bead blaster. Man do we REALLY LIKE IT! I’m surprised we haven’t already worn out a nozzle. It has seen about 4 hours of blast time and is still operating on the first fill of beads, about 3″ down from the weld on the funnel on the reclaimer. On the old ones I have used we would have already gone through at least one bag of beads! I can’t wait to get one of my old tractor seats in there and clean it up!

Johnny Davis, Welding Program Coordinator
Frank Phillips College


John , The Blasting System is a fantastic product. I wanted to send you this message and say thanks. That sandblaster is innovative, well designed, and very effective.
We are growing fast and that won’t be our last blast cabinet. I appreciated the time you took to be real and communicative with me.
Take care John and keep doing what you’re doing!


Trayvax Inc.

Trayvax installs 4836 Pressure Blast cabinet with Automated M-2 dust Collection. Manufacturing Stainless Seal Wallets. Shop Now Here

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